Digital Trends 2019

Digital trends to look out for in 2019

By: Jessica and Gemma 5 Dec, 2018

This time last year, we shared our predictions for digital trends that would dominate in 2018. With next year just around the corner, we’re taking a look at the latest trends set to take the digital world by storm. Without any further ado – here are our top digital predictions for 2019:

AR and VR will become the new reality

Gone are the days when AR and VR meant strapping on a pair of futuristic goggles – AR and VR can now be found on apps, social media, websites, video games, stores, billboards and even in dressing rooms!

In 2018, the AR/VR market grew to NZ$21 million – and by 2021, it is expected to be worth over NZ$100 million! 2019 will contribute to this growth, as more brands join the likes of Pepsi, IKEA and Sephora – harnessing AR and VR to enhance their customers’ experience.

Chatbots craze

If you’re one of those people that avoids calling companies at all costs, then chances are you’ve had an interaction with an online chatbot. Interfacing with a chatbot is generally an impersonal experience – the chatbot greets you and offers assistance, you type in your enquiry and then the issue is resolved. But the textbook chatbot conversation is set to become more sophisticated in 2019, as more advanced players enter the market.

New chatbots are said to act more human, having the ability to learn from what we ask them, and revise their answers in response. They will even type at a human speed, making you forget that the AI at the other end of the enter key isn’t even human!

The future of 5G

In New Zealand, mapping for 5G is already underway, with the first live network expected to launch in 2020! 2019 will see 5G mapping become more of a key focus, as preparations for a 2020 launch gets well underway.

The 5G network is the fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity – and will deliver faster and more reliable internet connections than ever before. With 5G, the capacity to support mass connectivity of multiple devices will provide the infrastructure to power the Internet of Things, changing the way we work, live and interact.

Complaints on socials

Social media might just be the biggest blessing in disguise to anybody who works in the customer service industry. This is because nowadays, customer complaints are more and more likely to be directed at a company’s marketing and digital team via social media.

With 36% of consumers making a complaint via social media in 2017 – social media is becoming more and more popular for customers who want to vent their frustrations.  To combat this, organisations will need to make sure they have the right digital team members employed to respond quickly to complaints, maintaining brand integrity, and maximising each customers’ experience.

A video is worth 1.8 million words

Back in 2017, we predicted that video content would be one of the biggest digital trends of this year. Fast forward 12 months, and video has made the list again! With social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pioneering the way for video, content can now be delivered in a way that’s more engaging and interactive than ever before.

In fact, video is such a powerful medium that a whopping 87% of online marketers already use it – and rightly so, with 64% of consumers more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

Voice vs. type

Typing Google searches is so 2017. That’s right – in 2019 typing is predicted to give way as the most popular method of searching, as voice begins to dominate.

With voice commanded PAs already widely in use (think Siri, Cortana and Alexa), it’s hardly surprising that voice commanded searches are set to become the next big thing in 2019.

On the back of this, audio ads will also become much more common – with Google already starting to sell audio ads to its client base.

Between AI assistants and audio ads, it looks like next year is set to be a huge year for voice and audio – so continue to keep an eye on this space!

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